Online Program for women

Total Makeover

"The most important thing is to enjoy your life 

- to be happy - 

it's all that matters."  

~ Audrey Hepburn ~

a new beginning

our program covers all nine dimensions of life



A complete self care bible. .Redefine your body image & harmonize your body functions, habits, behaviours including sleep, nutrition, posture, breathing, exercise. We offer handpicked tips and guidance for rejuvenating and reviving your system, so you can function at a consistently energised state. 



We start with bringing mindfulness into every area of life. This module covers your intellect, emotions and beliefs, gently guiding your mind, shaping your thoughts towards what you desire. It activates your inner GPS system and empowers you to move through life with greater resilience. 



What you put on your body is important too, as that is what people identify you with. This modules helps you design and customise your wardrobe, hair care, accessories, technology, beauty and self care products, items that you use for your home and miscellaneous items. 



Your environment includes your space, home, office, workstation, vehicle, and the way it is arranged. In this module you will learn how to tune into your space and organise it in a way that is supportive to your desired state of living. There are many influences upon your environment and here you will learn to neutralise them as well as energise your spaces.



Our primary relationship is with our Self, and then with others. In this module, we will learn to 'relate' in ways that are high vibrational and functional based on truth, love & authenticity. This module also covers how to release the patterns that prevent intimacy, make peace with memories and how to add a spark of joy to current relationships. 



Your purpose is something which gives your life direction and in which you invest most of your time and energy. Aligning this piece will shift your value proposition and position at workplace & in society. In this module, you will makeover perceptions, attitudes, behaviours making healthy relations with your purpose, work & wealth.



Whether you identify yourself as spiritual or not, you have some relationships with the spiritual realm, albeit one of denial. Being clear about how you perceive this dimension and what role does God or some divine intelligence plays is for your to rediscover & cultivate.


financial wellness

Money & finances provide us the freedom of time, abundance of choices in life. It can also be the biggest stress if off balance. Cultivating a healthy honest relationship, with accurate realistic thinking in this dimension helps us be grounded and empowered in our lives. 



Last but certainly not the least important is Play. We need play to keep life thriving interesting and liveable. We have to make time for it and if we forgot how to play, we have to learn again! A sense of humor goes a long way. Let's have the games, fun, celebration begin and fill our lives with joy!

birth a new higher version of you



High Quality Brain Entrainment Audios with Subliminal Affirmations and Frequencies, help you to shift your life effortlessly. 



We use specifically designed journals to help with repatterning your mind. Conditioning your brain to work for your highest best. 



Self Makeover - because no one knows you better than yourself. You will grow in your awareness and naturally reflect your radiant inner being.

You have complete freedom who you would like to be

The Way of Wellness

You will engage in an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. Wellness is more than being free from illness, it is a dynamic process of change and growth..a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being.

Authentic Appeal

You get to cultivate a brand new Lifestyle that is expressed in your behavior patterns, activities, attitudes, interests, opinions, values, and allocation of your time, energy, resources. It also reflects your self image or self concept; the way you see your self and how you believe you are seen by others. 

Quantum shift

Get ready for a complete transformation in more than your appearance. Our Program is much deeper than appearances. It is based on mindfulness, rebirthing you into higher possibilities. You upgrade your vibration from inside outward and creatively design your life for a fulfilling experience. 

Self Love in Action

How would your life be if you utterly completely loved yourself? That is how you want to live. You are handheld and led into identifying, valuing your needs desires and honouring your self. As you journey through this program, you will start accepting and honouring the deepest and hidden parts of yourself and bring fully into light, radiating unconditional love. 


This program is unique in the way that it doesn't tell you what to do or not to. It is designed to help you reflect and introspect, where we lead you to design your own lifestyle based on self discovery. A powerful foundation for life starts with being in integrity with your true self, your soul. You grow in your power with this step by step program by making bold choices that shift your gears. 

Freedom to Express

The desire for individualisation, to expression's unique authentic self is the highest creativity we can bring to this life. It is through combination of imagination with an understanding into your true nature that you bring about this beautiful transformation, that is gentle and naturally unfolding. You grow yourself into who you always wanted to be and attract only that matches your vibe.

skills you will learn on the way


Self reflection is true humility. To examine one's thoughts actions and consider our impact on those around us. True transformation comes about naturally when you allow yourself to gently observe and witness with awareness. 


To be honest it is easy to fall into unconscious habits when that is the norm around you. Are you ready and committed to rising above your current situation and to stay persistent and resilient building positive momentum?


Owning your crown is as important as owning our cr*p. Are you ready to take complete responsibility for what how you are creating in your life? This program requires your willingness to be brutally honest and truthful at least with yourself. 


Knowing yourself is a lifelong journey, it does not have to be an effort. However, when you start any new journey, any process, there is a period of getting used to a new way of being. It requires investment of time, energy and sometimes finances.


This program prepares you to be a leader of yourself and following your own unique path you can fulfil your destiny. In the process you may inspire others, but that is never the goal. Leadership is about grounding your vision into yourself and shaping your life around it. 


The energy and passion for anything comes from our emotions, which is deeply connected to our childlike self. These desires are sacred and creating a safe place and honouring the inner child helps us tap into that overflowing river of enthusiasm.  

lots of Support Resources to nurture you

Total Makeover Guide

Simple practical step by step guide to creating your new lifestyle. It starts with releasing the past and old habits to rebirthing the new you and leading you to embodying your higher potential.  

Mind Clearing Audios

You receive Downloadable mp3 format audios for clearing your mind. You can easily attune your mind to thriving in every area of life and expanding your possibilities and potential, helping you embody your desired lifestyle. 

Self Practice Journal

Carefully crafted exercises and questions designed to make you reflect and approach life in a positive way to lead you back to your authentic self. Helping you see how you create your reality and how you can recreate it.   

Online Community

Join our private exclusive online group to connect with our students from around the world to support each other and get any questions answered by our Lifestyle Coaches.

Support Resources

We provide you with additional resources from our master coaches as well as videos walking you through step by step, The key is not an overload of information but the right information. 

Client Care

if you have questions related to technical, billing or suggestions for content, please feel free to reach out to our awesome client care team at

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